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Wylex WRS40/2 40A 30mA Double Pole RCD

Rated current: 40 Amp
Tripping Time I X IAn: 300ms
Tripping Time 5 X IAn: 40ms
Terminal Capacity       25mm²

The WRS40/2 is designed for use in domestic Wylex consumer units and offers convenient earth leakage protection across a bank of MCBs up to 40amps in total.

All Wylex RCDs incorporate a high level of immunity to tripping from transient earth leakage currents, which can occur when there is a significant level of capacitance to earth from MICC cables and RF filter networks for example. Wylex RCDs are therefore less susceptible to nuisance tripping due to transient earth leakage currents

A test button is provided on all Wylex RCDs to enable the operation of the device to be checked. It is recommended that an RCD is tested at least quarterly

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Wylex WRS40/2 40A 30mA Double Pole RCD Residual Current Device
£18.35 ex vat
£22.02 inc vat

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