What's The Best Consumer Unit?

What's the best Consumer Unit?

18th Edition Consumer Units and Devices

Hi there, welcome to Consumer Unit World TV.

My name's Matt and in this video, we're going to have a look at the three main types of domestic consumer unit.

Let's start with the most common, the Dual RCD board.

Supplied with a mains switch and two RCDs, this board is then populated with Miniature Circuit Breakers for each of the circuits in your house. If a circuit trips, or earth leakage is detected, the whole bank of circuits on that RCD will switch off. While unlikely, this can be problematic when - for example - a fault on lighting circuit trips and also takes out your fridge.

This is known as nuisance tripping.

To combat nuisance tripping, you can look instead at a High Integrity Consumer Unit. This is another dual RCD board, but with the addition of another neutral bar allowing the installation of RCBOs for specific, or mission critical circuits. These are circuits that you don't want to be affected by any other tripping, for example a fire alarm system, a tropical fish tank, your freezer, maybe even just emergency lighting. What an RCBO does is combine the function of an MCB and an RCD in one unit which means basically, if it trips, only that affected circuit will be lost.

The third type of Consumer Unit is also the most comprehensive way to combat nuisance tripping, the Mains Switch board.

Supplied completely empty aside from the 100 amp mains switch, these boards are intended to be populated entirely with RCBOs. This means that each circuit is protected against fault and earth leakage, so only the affected circuit will switch off, all others will remain functioning. This is on its way to becoming the most popular solution for a domestic consumer unit due to its ease of use and configurability.

All of these boards are available with an integrated Surge Protection Device, making them fully compliant with the new 18th Edition Regulations. You can also buy the SPDs as a separate item for boards that were supplied without one.

Other types of board that are also available include RCD Incomer for Garages and small outhouses and sheds, Dual Tariff for running two feeds into one property, useful for buildings that have been converted into flats and flush boards that can be mounted into the wall for a sleeker look.

All of these items are available now on

Many thanks for watching, we hope to see you again soon on Consumer Unit World TV.


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