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C.K 495001 Automatic Wire Stripper
CK 495001
£15.13 ex vat
C.K T3805 Redline VDE Plier Set/3
CK T3805
£61.98 ex vat
C.K RedLine T39071-3180 CombiCutter3 Max 180mm
CK T39071-3180
£29.36 ex vat
C.K T3963 Premium Cable Cutters 210mm
CK T3963
£12.54 ex vat
C.K T3963 240 Premium Cable Cutters 240mm
CK T3963 240
£18.67 ex vat
C.K T3651 09 Waterpump Plier 10"/250mm
CK T3651 09
£11.43 ex vat
C.K 495028 Rethreading Tool M3.5x0.6
CK 495028
£4.18 ex vat
C.K 406001  Scutch Chisel 25mm
CK 406001
£11.57 ex vat
C.K T4219 40 Club Hammer 21/2lb
CK T4219 40
£12.70 ex vat
C.KT3522 30m Chalk Line Reel & Chalk
CK T3522
£6.08 ex vat
C.K T4404A Hexagon Key Metric Set Of 7
CK T4404A
£7.84 ex vat
C.K T4347 Immersion Heater Spanner
CK T4347
£7.49 ex vat
C.K T0834 Junior Hacksaw
CK T0834
£3.87 ex vat
C.K Magma MA2636 18'' Open Tool Tote
CK MA2636
£29.77 ex vat
C.K T0831 Plasterboard / Dry Wall Saw
CK T0831
£3.65 ex vat
C.K T3494 32 Spirit Level Box Section 800mm
CK T3494 32
£15.73 ex vat
C.K T3482 Pocket Spirit Level 210mm
CK T3482
£6.91 ex vat
C.K T4310 Prybar/Nail Puller 15"
CK T4310
£6.49 ex vat
C.K 495033 Punch Down Tool
CK 495033
£14.06 ex vat
Super Rod Cable Tongue SRCT236
£9.98 ex vat
C.K 495010 Soldering Iron 40W UK Plug
CK 495001
£12.62 ex vat

We have over 21 years' experience in supplying electrical materials to both trade and end user customers.
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