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MK 7937s 40A 30mA B Type RCBO

Designed for use in MK consumer units, Sentry RCBOs protect against both overcurrents due to overload and fault and residual current earth leakage. In either event, the RCBO interrupts electrical supply to the circuit thus preventing damage to the installation and devices and electric shock to humans.

Sentry RCBOs feature tunnel terminals of generous capacity, with 25mm² for live supply for live and neutral load terminals. The neutral supply (blue) and earth supply (white/cream) are provided via flying leads.
MK Part Number 7937s
Type of pole: Single
Curve: B
Rated short circuit breaking capacity:         6 kA
Rated current: 40 A
Rated operational voltage Ue: 230/400 V
Cable Capacity: 25mm²
Number of modules: 1
Dimensions 83mm x 18mm x 74mm
Tightening torque: 2.5Nm

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MK 7937s 40A 30mA RCBO B Type Sentry Residual Current Breaker Overload
£26.49 ex vat
£31.79 inc vat

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