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MK 7832s 32A 30mA Double Pole RCD

Rated current: 32 A
Tripping Time I X IAn: 300ms
Tripping Time 5 X IAn: 40ms
Number of modules: 2
Cable (Solid & Flexible):        35mm²
Tightening torque: 3Nm

All Sentry RCDs incorporate a filtering device to provide protection against transient surges in the supply to the unit, thus reducing the occurrence of unwanted tripping.

The operating dolly may be locked in either the ON or OFF position without affecting the ability of the trip mechanism to operate, i.e. the RCD is ' trip-free'. It is not possible to hold the contacts closed when a fault condition exists.

When in the OFF position a contact gap of 4mm is present, enabling MK Sentry RCDs to be used as isolating switches where appropriate.

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MK 7832s 32A 30mA RCD Double Pole Sentry Circuit Protection Device
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£43.26 inc vat

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