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MK 5906s 6A 6kA MCB B Type Circuit Breaker

Designed for use in MK consumer units, Sentry MCBs are thermo-magnetically operated, detecting overcurrents due to both overload and fault and interrupt the electrical supply to the circuit thus preventing damage to the installation and devices.

The thermal component is a carefully calibrated, heat operated bi-metal element. Larger overloads and short circuit or fault current situations up to 6kA (6000a) are dealt with using the magnetic tripping mode of the MCB, which in accordance with BS EN 60898 occurs within 100 milliseconds.   

The operating dolly may be locked in either the ON or OFF position without affecting the ability of the trip mechanism to operate. When in the off position the contact gap is 4 mm meaning that the MCB may be used as single pole isolating switch where appropriate. The contacts themselves are manufactured from carefully chosen materials, selected specifically for their low electrical resistance and low propensity to weld under fault conditions. When the green indicator is visible the gap between the contacts is 4mm has been achieved. Sentry MCBs may therefore be used as single pole isolating switches where appropriate.

The terminals offer 35mm² capacity on all ratings and have a protective shutter to prevent cables being installed incorrectly. The terminal screws are touch proof to IP2X, captive and feature combination heads. The current carrying capacity of the cable should always exceed the current rating of the MCB to prevent damage. All electrical works should be carried out by a fully qualified professional.
Type of pole: Single
Curve: B
Rated short circuit breaking capacity:         6 kA
Rated current: 6 A
Rated operational voltage Ue: 230/400 V
Cable Capacity: 35mm²
Number of modules: 1
Dimensions 83mm x 18mm x 74mm
Tightening torque: 3Nm

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MK 5906s 6A 6kA MCB B Type Sentry Circuit Breaker Din Rail Mounted
£3.39 ex vat
£4.07 inc vat

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