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Hager VML914CUSPDRK Populated 14 Way High Integrity Consumer Unit + Surge Protection

5 star rating from 2 reviews by professional electricians
tick Complete with Type 2 Surge Protection Device
tick Fully loaded with main switch, 2 x 100a RCDs and 10 x MCBs
tick 18th Edition compliant - no need for risk assessment
tick Populate with RCBOs for critical circuits
tick Currently on SPECIAL OFFER!

Featuring an integral Type 2 Surge Protection Device, the Hager VML914CUSPDRK is fully 18th Edition compliant and negates the need for a risk assessment. 

It is High Integrity, offering 14 fully configurable ways arranged over three separate banks of circuits. It is supplied complete with 1 x 100A mains switch, 2 x 100A RCDs and 10 MCBs.

The MCBs supplied with the consumer unit are 4 x 6a, 1 x 16a, 3 x 32a, 2 x 40a - but this may be changed if required. Fitted with three neutral bars it allows for two banks of RCD protected MCBs and up to four RCBO protected ways for critical circuits. 
14 way consumer unit
Design 10 18th Edition
Hager VML914CUSPD 14 Way Surge Protection Consumer Unit - Staff Review
"The VML914CUSPD high integrity consumer unit has been developed to answer the two major changes introduced by the 18th Edition Wiring Regulations which came into force on 1st January 2019, regarding 'diversity' and 'surge protection'.

It offers two x 100amp RCDs in direct response to section 536.4.202 which states '
“ ... overload protection shall not solely be based on the use of diversity factors of the downstream circuits.​​​​​​" Whilst this regulation does not outlaw the use of diversity it does suggest that in order to avoid a risk assessment, the RCD should be nearer the total value of the downstream circuits

Chapter 44 of the 18th Edition deals with electrical surges and advises that contractors will need to install SPDs to protect against transient overvoltages in situations where there may be serious consequences. These are listed as loss of life or serious injury, interruption to public services, interruption of commercial activity, damage to cultural heritage, or impact on sites with large numbers of people. At all other sites (apart from single dwellings in some situations) a simplified risk assessment will determine the need for SPDs. The Type 2 SPD therefore negates the need for a risk assessment whilst complying with the requirement.
 - December 2018
5/ 5stars

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Hager VML914CUSPD 14 Way High Integrity Consumer Unit with Surge Protection
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