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Hager JK11004S 100A 4 Pole Mains Switch Incomer Kit

Hager JK11004S
Invicta 3 - 100A 4 Pole Incomer Switch Kit

A. 1 x Terminal Shield
B. 1 x SBN490 100A DP Modular Switch / Isolator and DIN Rail
C. 4 x Incomer L1, L2, L3 & N - to fit M6 stud link
D. 3 x M5 Carp Nuts
E. 1 x M6 Carp Nut

Hager JK Invicta Incomer Kit

Installation Instructions
Locate the income switch (A) onto the left side of the Din rail (B), and fit the L1, L2 and L3 incomer links. Ensure that the links' teeth are within the top terminal of the incomer switch.
Incomer Installation Instructions 1
Ensure the cranked neutral link (C) is inserted into the left most termination on the incomer switch and use the M6 carp nut to secure to the neutral cross link. Use the M5 carp nuts for the phase connections. Ensure that all terminal connections on incomer switch (D) connections are tightened to 3.5Nm. Ensure the connections on the busbar links (E) are to 5Nm (3 x Phase and Neutral). 

Incomer Installation Instructions 2

After terminating incoming cables fix the main incomer shroud (F) to the clip in fixing points (G). Remove additional breakout left of the shroud to ensure the switch protrudes through the main incomer shroud.

Incomer Installation Instructions 3
Suitable for use with all Hager Invicta 3 Phase 125A Distribution Boards

Hager JK11004s 100A 4 Pole Mains Switch Incomer Isolator Kit
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