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Hager CEA240U RCD Double Pole 40A 100mA

Rated current: 40A
Residual current (Earth leakage): 100mA
Rated operational voltage Ue: 230 V
Number of modules: 2
Connection cross-sect. flexible cable: 16mm²
Connection cross-sect. rigid cable: 25mm²
Tightening torque: 2,8Nm
Hager part number: CEA240U

Circuit Identification:
Electrical Circuit Identification

Sealable Terminal Covers:
Sealable Terminal Covers

Test the RCD (and all circuit protection devices) regularly:
Test your RCD regularly
Hager CEA240U RCCB Two Pole 40A 100mA RCD Residual Current Device
£78.63 ex vat
£94.35 inc vat

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