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Hager ADC106 RCBO C Type Single Pole 6 Amp 30mA 10kA

The Hager ADC106 features an earth leakage tripping current rating of 30mA, a prospective fault current of 10kA and a C Type tripping curve. It is commonly din rail mounted in Hager 3 phase fuseboards, used in commercial environments to protect circuits with high start up loads such as machinery or large fluorescent or LED lighting circuits.
Type of pole: Single
Rated overload current: 6 A
Rated short circuit breaking capacity:       10 kA
Rated Residual current tripping capacity:     30mA
Rated operational voltage Ue: 230/400 V
Tripping Curve C
Number of modules: 1
Tightening torque: 2,1Nm
Wylex product code: NHXSBS1B06

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Hager ADC106 Commercial RCBO C Type Single Pole 6 Amp 30mA 10kA
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