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Hager 16 Way High Integrity Fully Loaded Consumer Unit VML916CU

5 star rating from 2 reviews by professional electricians
tick 16 way High Integrity consumer unit
tick Populate with both MCBs and RCBOs for critical circuits
tick Comes with 12 MCBs - 4 x 6a, 2 x 16a, 4 x 32a, 2 x 40a
tick Amendment 3 compliant, non-combustible, metal enclosure
tick Includes 100A Main Switch, 2 x 100A RCD, busbar and din rail
tick Currently on SPECIAL OFFER!

The Hager VML916CU High Integrity consumer unit offers 16 fully configurable ways arranged over three separate banks of circuits.

Supplied with 1 x 100A mains switch, 2 x 100A RCD's and fitted with three neutral bars it allows for two fully configurable banks of RCD protected MCBs and up to six RCBO protected ways for critical circuits. 
16 way consumer unit
Design 10 High Integrity
Hager VML916CU 16 Way Consumer Unit - Staff Review
"The VML916CU is the board you choose when you need superior circuit separation to avoid nuisance tripping of critical circuits. If you have smoke alarms, tropical fish tanks, heat lamps, security systems etc etc you need a high integrity board.

Part of Hager's 'Design 10' range, the VML916CU has loads of features which set it apart from other high integrity units: Knock outs top bottom and rear, Multiple fixing points, No restrictions under the DIN rail, Cable entries positioned for easy access to devices, Cable entry protectors to prevent damage to cable caused by sharp edges, Terminal bars are top mounted allowing for easy cable dressing , 'Snap-able' bus bar means one less tool and speeds up install. It's a great high integrity consumer unit."
 - January 2019
5/ 5stars

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Hager 16 Way High Integrity Consumer Unit VML916CU Design 10
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