Who are FuseBox? And what do they do?

Who are FuseBox? And what do they do?

In this article, we take a look at FuseBox and the range they offer.

Established in 2017, FuseBox are a relative newcomer to the industry.  In this short period, FuseBox has grown to be one of the UK's leading manufacturers of domestic circuit protection. Their outstanding range, dedication to quality, excellent service, bold marketing, and competitive pricing has elevated them to a level where they have become the go-to brand for electricians.

FuseBox's range includes consumer units and devices that have been specifically designed to meet the demands of modern homes and the latest requirements of the 18th Edition and most recently Amendment 2 (BS 7671:2018+A2:2022).

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Consumer Units

FuseBox has a range of consumer units to suit almost any domestic application ranging in sizes from 2 to 30 usable ways. These units include main switch RCBO, split load (dual RCD), dual tariff, EV boards, isolators, and garage units. The majority of FuseBox consumer units come pre-populated with Surge Protection Devices (SPD) and most of the remaining boards in the range have the space to facilitate an SPD should it be required at a later date.  Fusebox Consumer Units are favoured by electricians and installers for their build quality and generous space for wiring.

We're often asked "what is the best consumer unit?" This is a tricky one to answer as every installation is different.

We can tell you that the F2014MX is by far the most popular of the FuseBox consumer units we sell. The board features 14 usable ways, 100A Main Switch Incomer, Type 2 Surge Protection with 32A MCB, and a 32mm tails clamp. As with all FuseBox boards, the F2014MX has loads of internal space for installing both the mini and standard RCBOs. Additional features include captive screws (so you'll never lose them) and round knockouts on the four sides along with 2 large rectangular knockouts on the rear. It's also supplied with an installation pack which includes busbar, an icon label pack, and grommet strip.

14 ways may seem like a lot of circuits but you'll be surprised how quickly you can separate circuits and ultimately save on nuisance tripping. In most cases having a few extra ways will ultimately future-proof your installation saving you money on expensive refits later down the road.


FuseBox offers two styles of Type A RCBO, a Double Pole Mini RCBO and standard height Single Pole RCBO. Both have their own unique selling points, the mini is more compact making installation easier and features neutral pole switching which reduces installation and commissioning test time. The Mini RCBO is available in both B & C curves. 

For projects where cost is a factor and you're looking to save a bit of money then the single pole standard RCBO ticks all the boxes.


ARC Fault Detection Devices or AFDDs are the latest addition to the FuseBox range. Designed to meet the latest amendment to the 18th Edition Wiring regulations. AFDD is now a requirement rather than a recommendation in certain types of buildings. FuseBox AFDDs are packed full of the latest tech utilising microprocessors to protect against dangerous arc faults. The range is available in 6A through 40A and can be retrofitted to any existing FuseBox consumer unit.

EV Distribution

The motoring world is changing and there is a definite crossover between buying a new car and how a house is wired. Homes are going to need additional circuit protection to ensure both the safety of the occupants and their new pride and joy.

FuseBox's Electric Vehicle distribution boards have been designed as standalone units. The EV consumer unit can be installed as part of new or existing installations. They are supplied with 100A main switch, and a choice of Double Pole RCBO with and without Surge Protection. 

Surge Protection

Surge Protection was a key part of the 18th edition regulation changes and as mentioned FuseBox designed their consumer units to meet the requirement. For installations where an SPD wasn't initially installed, they offer a retrofit Type 2 SPD kit which comes with a 32A MCB and cables. In addition, FuseBox recognise that not everyone has a FuseBox consumer unit. In answer to this, they offer a standalone surge protection unit that can be installed in line with any other UK manufacturer's fuse board. The F1M2SPD is a compact amendment 3 fire-rated enclosure fitted with a 100A main switch, type 2 SPD, and 32A MCB.

Accessories & more

To complement the range, FuseBox offers a selection of accessories including, a time clock, 12v transformers, tails glands, DIN rail & clip-in blank modules, and flush mounting frames to name but a few. 

We hope you've found this brief overview helpful. You'll find some links below to help guide you to the products covered;

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