Stylish Black Consumer Units

Stylish Black Consumer Units

Lewden has launched a groundbreaking product with the introduction of their first-ever black consumer units, a testament to the company's commitment to continuous innovation.

The new Black Consumer Unit is a sleek addition to Lewden's renowned Pro Consumer Units range. With a matte black finish and a stylish design, it integrates seamlessly with modern home décor, addressing the evolving needs of installers and end users alike while adding a touch of elegance to any installation.

This 100A main switch Black Consumer Unit, equipped with a Type 2 Surge Protection device, is available in two enclosure sizes: 13 modules with 9 usable ways, and 22 modules with 18 usable ways. It can be paired with a comprehensive range of circuit protection devices and accessories to suit various installation requirements. The unit features round knockouts in 20, 25, and 32mm diameters, providing versatile options for installing round cable glands, conduits, and cable grommets, as well as for terminating SWA final circuit cables. Additionally, the unique segmented rear grommet accessory allows the rectangular rear knockout design to be adjusted to fit the number of cables entering the enclosure.

Lewden's consumer units are known for their ease of installation, featuring extra wiring space, retained front cover screws to prevent loss during setup, and a bespoke locking system to restrict unauthorized access upon request.

A standout feature is Lewden's specially designed extra-strong magnets, which securely hold the consumer lid open during installation, enhancing efficiency. 

This new addition to the Consumer Unit range is designed to meet the highest standards of functionality and aesthetic appeal, making it a significant release in the electrical installation market.

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