New Consumer Units and Mounting Frames from FuseBox

New Consumer Units and Mounting Frames from FuseBox

The rise of FuseBox over the last few years has been nothing but extraordinary and it’s easy to see why. Their range of consumer units and circuit protection devices are of the highest quality and at a price that suits everyone.

November 2022 sees some new additions to the range, the triple bank main switch consumer units and the standoff frames.

We’re going to take a brief look at what’s new, first up the consumer units;

As the name suggests the triple bank or three tiered consumer units have 3 rows which can be populated with a range of FuseBox circuit protection devices such as RCBOs or AFDDs, DIN rail lighting & heating controls, or transformers.

As with all FuseBox boards, there is ample wiring and cable dressing space. At 762mm high and 378mm wide these consumer units are big but by no means too big . If anything they are the ideal size for use in larger domestic dwellings.

The F2044MX features 44 useable ways and comes populated with a Type 2 Surge Protection device, tails clamp, 2 x 100A DIN rail connectors, and 100A main switch isolator.

The F2045M uses the same enclosure as the SPD version but has 45 useable ways with the option of adding a Surge Protection Device at a later date.

Both boards come with three BUS bars, a grommet strip pack, and FuseBox’s handy sticker pack. 

The second addition to the FuseBox catalogue this month is the Surface Standoff Frames. These handy plates give 30mm clearance from the wall which allows the installer to easily pass cables through the rear of the consumer unit.

Available in three sizes, the first is the AFSS14 which is suitable for the F2011M & F2010MX. The AFSS18 works with the F2015M & F2014MX while the AFSS24 fits the F2021M & F2020MX.

In other news, we’re expecting more on FuseBox’s latest three phase commercial consumer unit very soon. 

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