Holy Smokes! Consumer Unit World are stocking Aico

Holy Smokes! Consumer Unit World are stocking Aico

Aico are undoubtedly brand leaders for residential fire, smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms. Consumer Unit World are pleased to offer the complete range from Aico to suit every type of install from single lithium battery 10 year smoke alarms, to fully connected wired or wireless mains alarms, and monitoring technology. Aico offer several product families to simplify choosing and installing your fire alarms. Please see our detailed guides for information on how to design your fire alarm solution, with examples for specifying the correct alarms for a typical household installation.

When choosing your fire alarms, consider where Heat alarms are more suited, such as in the kitchen or garage, or whether Smoke alarms are best suited such as in the hallway or bedroom. You will also want to consider whether you will be installing mains wired alarms or more simple battery operated alarms. Finally you will want to consider the level of connectivity between alarms. Current guidance is that the alarms should be interconnected, either wired or wirelessly – put simply when one alarm sounds in the property, this will trigger all alarms to sound, giving maximum protection.

Aico offers several ‘series’ of alarms currently, each with their own features and benefits. 
The EI146E and EI144E are both main powered alarms, with the ability to be interlinked through a hard wired or wireless connection. The Smoke alarm version EI146E offers an optical sensor for rapid detection of slow smouldering fires, with the Heat alarm version, EI144E, able to respond to rapid heat build-up from large flaming fires. Both alarms feature a 9V alkaline battery back up and 5 year guarantee.

The 600 series offer an intelligent range of battery-powered heat, optical and multi-sensor alarms. Each unit within the range includes an RF and non RF version. We recommend the RF version for enhanced functionality and safety, via the wireless interconnect facility. The units are very simple to install and pair into ‘house mode’, meaning your whole house can be protected in no time at all – a typical 4 bed house install would take just half an hour. The Ei650i/650iRF is the battery optical smoke alarm suitable for all main living areas, excluding kitchens. The unit is fitted with a 10 year lithium battery, easy fit base, large test button and 5 year guarantee. The Ei630i/630iRF is the heat alarm, designed for use in kitchens and garages. Finally the Ei660i/660iRF is a multi-sensor optical smoke and heat alarm. The software works intelligently to monitor both sensors and provide total fire protection coverage. For simple, robust protection for your home these are our top selling fire alarms.

At the top of Aico’s offering sits the 3000 series, providing full protection. All of the alarms sit on easy-fit bases, are mains powered, are compatible with SmartLINK and AudioLINK technology and include a 10 year rechargeable lithium back up. The Ei3014 mains heat alarm is suitable for use in the kitchen and garage, able to differentiate from smoke or steam to prevent false alarms. To enable SmartLINK functionality, use the optional plug in Ei3000MRF module. The Ei3016 is the optical smoke alarm version, best for detecting slow, smouldering fires, in main living areas. The Ei3018 is the carbon monoxide version, with Aico’s proven electrochemical sensor. The Ei3024 multi-sensor alarm contains both Optical and Heat sensors for total fire detection. Finally the Ei3028 contains both a heat and Co2 (carbon monoxide) alarm, perfect for kitchens and garages.

For carbon monoxide detection, Aico offer the 200 series. The Ei208 is a standalone battery unit with a 10 year lithium sealed battery, simple to fit base and 5 year guarantee. If you require connectivity to the rest of your alarm system, the Ei208WRF offers built in RadioLINK+ technology. It is also possible to add a RadioLINK+ module to the standard Co2 alarm by fitting an Ei200MRF module.

The 1000 series are a range of sensors and alarms designed to improve the health and safety of UK homes. All of the alarms in this range connect wirelessly to the SmartLINK gateway for data collation and extraction. The Ei1020 is an environmental battery sensor able to monitor temperature and humidity in the home. Perfect for identifying condensation, damp and mould problems, these units can be essential for landlords who want to maintain the clean air in their properties. The Ei1025 is a similar unit but with the added feature of a Carbon Dioxide alarm.

Aico also offer a range of accessories to compliment and complete your fire protection. These include masking plates, surface kits, strobes, anti-vandal cages, vibrating pads, high output sounders, and a range of additional switches, inputs and call points.

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