FuseBox Main Switch SPD Consumer Units

FuseBox Main Switch SPD Consumer Units

In today's article, we'll take a look at the FuseBox SPD main switch consumer unit range which is by far their most popular range. 

The F20..MX range features a 100A main switch with built in Type 2 SPDs. Available in 6 to 44 usable ways you're sure to find what you're looking for with FuseBox.

  • The F2006MX 6 way consumer unit is ideal for smaller dwellings such as flats & apartments and is often used when extending a property.
  • The F2010MX & F2014MX are by far the most common boards sold at Consumer Unit World and are used in 3-4 bedroom homes.
  • FuseBox also caters for larger homes with a great range of larger consumer units;
  • The F2020MX features 20 usable ways on a single row measuring 486mm W.
  • The F2021MX is a great consumer unit where width is an issue. It has 21 usable ways over 2 rows measuring just 306mm W x 512mm H. It's a large consumer with a compact footprint.
  • F2029MX steps things up a gear, this duplex/double stack consumer unit has 29 usable over 2 rows and measures 345mm H x 512mm W.
  • Last but not least the F2044MX is a triple bank consumer unit. This extra large consumer unit features 44 usable ways over three rows.

You'll find the full product specification for all FuseBox consumer units at Consumer Unit World.

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