FuseBox Double Pole RCBO: Everything you need to know

FuseBox Double Pole RCBO: Everything you need to know

FuseBox are a market leading circuit protection brand in the UK who are consistently pushing boundaries to deliver cutting-edge solutions for residential and commercial circuit protection. 

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Amongst their outstanding range, one of their standout products is the FuseBox Double Pole RCBO (Residual Current Breaker with Overcurrent Protection), a device designed to enhance electrical safety and provide efficient protection against faults. 

In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of the FuseBox RTAM RCBO range, highlighting why it's a market leading product in the world of circuit protection.

The FuseBox RCBO incorporates state-of-the-art technology to detect and interrupt abnormal currents, protecting against the risk of electric shock. With its advanced residual current protection mechanism, it swiftly responds to potential faults, ensuring a high level of safety for both individuals and property.

In addition to residual current protection, the RCBO is equipped with overcurrent protection, safeguarding electrical circuits from excessive currents that could lead to overheating and damage. This dual functionality makes the FuseBox RCBO a versatile and comprehensive solution for circuit protection.

The compact design of the FuseBox RTAM RCBO allows for easy installation in all FuseBox consumer units and electrical distribution boards. Its space-saving size makes it ideal for both new installations and retrofitting into existing installations.

FuseBox Mini Double Pole RCBO


The RTAM Double Pole RCBO range is available in both B Curve & C Curve and is designed to simultaneously disconnect both live and neutral conductors in the event of a fault. This ensures comprehensive safety by interrupting both phases, offering reliable protection in both residential and commercial settings.

FuseBox RTAM are Type A RCBOs which are designed to detect alternating and pulsating direct currents, making them suitable for the variable and complex waveforms associated with EV charging systems. This ensures optimal safety and protection for both the electrical installation and the EV charging equipment.

FuseBox is renowned for its commitment to quality & reliability, and their RCBO is no exception. The device is built to meet stringent safety standards (BS EN 62606 / IEC 61009-1) offering peace of mind to both installers and end users.

The robust construction of FuseBox’s RCBO ensures long-term durability, making it a sound investment for the longevity of electrical installations. 

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