Stylish Black Consumer Units
Lewden has launched a groundbreaking product with the introduction of their first-ever black consumer units, a testament to the company's commitment to continuous innovation.
Lewden Circuit Protection
When it comes to domestic consumer unit installations, reliability, and safety are paramount. Lewden, a respected name in the industry, offers a range of domestic consumer units that excel in these areas. Designed to meet the highest safety standards,...
FuseBox Double Pole RCBO: Everything you need to know
FuseBox are a market leading circuit protection brand in the UK who are consistently pushing boundaries to deliver cutting-edge solutions for residential and commercial circuit protection. 
Competition time! Win a beer fridge!
It’s summertime and what better way is there to wind down after a hot day than with a nice cold beverage? 
FuseBox Main Switch SPD Consumer Units
In today's article, we'll take a look at the FuseBox SPD main switch consumer unit range which is by far their most popular range.